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Nikki's Jewellery Box.
I personally handcraft all my items, using high quality beads and fixings, with many of the items containing Swarovski crystal elements.
All jewellery items can be ordered in colours to suit your needs or preferences. If you have a special event or occassion such as a Wedding, Christening, Birthday, Anniversary etc, and are looking for that perfect piece of jewellery as the final touch for the outfit you've spent months preparing; or as the gift that you just can't find, you can have confidence of finding something beautiful that will always be treasured. 
Coming soon! A new range of handbags including an unusual denim 'Jeans' style that come either plain or embellished.
If you have any questions or enqueries about my jewellery, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Just click on the Contact Me link on the left side of this page to send a message.
Thank - You.
See you again soon!
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